Stag Kidnapping

Riga Stag KidnappingStag kidnapping is one of the unforgettable stag activities during the bachelor party in Riga. The fiance, being aware of nothing at all, is relaxing in one of the bars of Riga with the jolly crowd of his friends. Suddenly men in a police uniform appear, hand wreck him and put a dark bag on his head. Then there's me proclaim the "indictment" and take the fiance away. But the fiance is lead no father than to the very comfortable chair, the "policemen" makes the fiance to sit down - still with a dark bag on his head - and here the most amazing part of the evening begins! This is the wild erotic show in which the fiance himself takes part!

At the very beginning the dark bag is still on the fiance's head, but the hot female strip dancers are already dancing around him! You are watching this madness being in the gentlemen club in Riga - enjoy the special show that was organized for the jolly crowd of your stag party. It is the super wild idea for stag nights!