Riga Stag Strip Boat

Riga Stag Strip BoatThe comfortable ship (the riverboat) sailing from the promenade in the Old Town of Riga into the open sea will provide a lot of fun to your jolly crowd - you will be constantly accompanied by the seductive female strippers. The beauties will mesmerize you with their amazing sexy dancing and will not disregard the culprit of the party as well. We are glad to offer your great music and a cocktail bar on the best riverboat in the city. If you want to have a snack or even dinner, Riga girls will be performing exotic dances during the whole period of your dinner.

The ship is double-decked and has a covered deck and an open one, it also has a bar, a kitchen and a good stereo system. The ship is for 150 people.

If somebody likes too hot, the strip show can be replaced by lesbian show for you to see something that you've never seen before. We also have Strip Riverboat Dinner and Stag Strip Yachting tours.