Winter Bobsleigh

Winter BobsleighTourist Winter Bobsleigh is the unforgettable crush of emotions and adrenaline. The special equipped sleigh is waiting for you in Sigulda at 121 metres above sea level. You will ride down at a speed of 80 km a hour for about 1 km along the 16 steep turns. Get some extra adrenaline for your friends and yourself riding on a safe winter sleigh for tourists. Winter bob is very popular among the tourists who come to Latvia in winter. If bobsleigh run down the snowy slope at a speed of 80 km a hour is not enough for you, we are glad to offer you our very special Olympic bobsleigh.

In order not to waste your time for transferring we are glad to offer you the 2-in-1 combination: bobsleigh + "Aerodium" at once. It will take you just 7 minutes to get from the bobsleigh track to the aerodynamic tunnel.