Turaida Castle Tour

Turaida Castle TourThe ancient Medieval Turaida Castle was founded in 1214 as the Bishop Albert of Riga's order. The Turaida Castle is located at the territory of about 40 hectares and includes brewery, fish cellars, glaciers, a forge, an old wooden bathhouse, a barn, stables, a church and many other historical buildings.

One of the oldest elements of the fortress structure is the Main Tower. Nowadays its top floor is an observation deck. A large museum exhibition is located on the ground floor.

Exhibition tours at the western and the southern buildings of the castle tell us their own story - beautiful and dramatic. The Turaida Castle is one of the most popular sites in Latvia. It is visited by thousands of people from all over the world every year.

An excursion to Turaida Castle can be combined with an unforgettable Bobsleigh Ride on a track, Free Fall Simulator, Bungee Jump or wine testing close to the castle for you.